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CASH Holds the Fourth “Strategic Emerging Industry Salon 2016”


The Fourth “Strategic Emerging Industry Salon 2016” was held by CASH on June 17th. Mr. Wu Lebin, Chairman of CASH, Mr. Wang Qi, Vice President of CASH, and Mr. Wang Quanxin, Chairman of CAS Institute of Architecture Design and Research, attended the salon.

With “The Past, Present and Future of China’s Multi-level Capital Market” as its theme, the salon was hosted by Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, Vice President of CASH. Mr. Sun Hua, President of CAS Investment Management Corporation, delivered a keynote speech.

In his speech, Mr. Sun Hua talked about the issue of first stock in China in the 1980s, the establishment of Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the 1990s, the establishment of Growth Enterprises Market (GEM) and National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), and the huge impact of the formation of a multi-level capital market on China’s economy. He said that China has made great achievements in building a capital market, establishing a complete multi-level capital system, and making contributions to further development of state-owned enterprises and financing of private companies. After reviewing the past, he put forward questions about the future of the capital market in China, such as whether the NEEQ will be China’s NASDAQ and whether China’s capital market will surpass that of America. The audience actively engaged in the discussion.

Mr. Wu Lebin thought highly of Mr. Sun Hua’s speech for its intriguing start of introduction to the development of Chinese securities. The first stock in human history was issued by the East India Company for immense business opportunities brought by the Great Geographical Discovery. And the security market enabled the company to accumulate wealth in a short time to seize business opportunities. Mr. Wu Lebin pointed out that CASH should promote innovation of technology and business model in enterprises, and should screen out qualified CAS-affiliated companies and help them get listed, so that these companies can seize business opportunities to become bigger and stronger.