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Overseas Investment Fair of Innovation Projects Held in CASH


The “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” delegation was invited to visit CASH and exchange ideas on innovation projects and investment opportunities with CASH on July 7th. Mr. Wu Lebin, Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co., Ltd. (CASH), met with the delegates and encouraged them to actively participate in China’s national construction and development through deep cooperation with CAS related institutions and affiliated enterprises.

The “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” delegation was led by Mr. Duan Qu, President of the Center for US-China Technology, Innovation and Development (UCTID, CASH’s overseas partner). Ten representatives from the US and German innovative enterprises and research institutions attended the meeting, presenting more than 30 projects covering TMT, life science and technology, environmental protection, and energy conservation. Mr. Chen Xiaofeng, Vice President of CASH and Chairman of Chinese Academy of Sciences Innovation Incubator Investment Co., Ltd. (CASII) made an introduction to CASH and CASII, and extended warm welcome to these returned scientists to cooperate with CASH. He expressed that CASH and CASII would be glad to provide full services and support for those projects.

The meeting was jointly held by CASII and UCTID. Managers of CASH and CASII and representatives from a variety of institutions and investment companies, including CAS Institute of Information and Engineering, TUS Digital Group, Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Keystone Capital, attended the meeting. After the meeting, some project managers had further discussion with interested investors.