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Mr. Bai Chunli met with SSE Board Director Wu Qing and SSE Delegation


On Feb 9, Mr. Bai Chunli, as the President of CAS and Secretary of the CAS Party Committee, met with Mr. Wu Qing, the secretary of the SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) Party Committee and the SSE board director, as well as his delegation. Both parties had an in-depth exchange of views and reached enormous consensus in S&T, industry-capital interaction and establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

Mr. Wu Qing gave an introduction of SSE and pointed out, that SSE does not only serve listing of grail blue chips, but also emerging hi-tech enterprises in landing the capital market. He also said SSE was willing to establish comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation, so as to facilitate restructuring, listing and capital operation of hi-tech enterprises CASH invest in.

Mr. Bai Chunli expressed gratitude to SSE for facilitating listing of enterprises which CAS invest in. He also gave a brief introduction of CAS and its recent major scientific achievements including FAST, quantum communication, dark matter exploring and Tiangong-2 Spaceship. Mr. Bai Chunli said, following instructions from President Xi Jinping, Three Orientations including orienting toward national economic development have become a guideline for CAS. Capital market plays an important role in orienting toward national economic development and promoting technical transfer. Mr. Bai pointed out, that it is necessary to establish comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation with SSE, in order to support CAS-owned enterprises in restructuring, pre-listing tutoring and financing.

After the above-mentioned meeting, Mr. Wu visited and investigated Beijing Station of Beijing-Shanghai quantum communication line, and listened to quantum communication-related work report from China Cable Television Network and QuantumCTek Co., Ltd.

Mr. Deng Maicun, a member of the CAS Party Group and the secretary-general, Mr. Wu Lebin, the secretary of the CAS Beijing-based enterprise Party Group and the Chairman of the Board of CASH and Mr. Zhang Dongke, SSE Vice board director attended the meeting and joined the visit and investigation.