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CASH Held Annual Work Meeting 2017


Cash held annual work meeting from Apr 10 to 12. The meeting summed up business operation of 2016 and deploy work for the next year on the theme of "building system, seizing opportunity to accelerate development and ”Interactive Innovation Initiative”. Wang Enge, the CAS Vice President and a member of the CAS Party Committee, Deng Maicun, a member of the Party Committee, CAS Secretary-General and the director of Economic Management Committee attended the meeting. The Cash leading group and leaders of its holding companies and managing companies, institutes, asset management companies as well as strategic partners attended the meeting with a total number of more than 140 people. For the first time, the meeting invited 15 listed companies invested by CAS institutes. Participating companies had a total market value of more than a trillion, which made the history in scale and level.

On the opening ceremony, Wang Enge and Deng Maicun delivered special reports. Wu Lebin, the Secretary of Beijing-Based Enterprise Party Committee and the President of Cash, held the ceremony.

Wu Le Bin and the Cash General Manager respectively made a work report. In the special report titled "Building System, Seizing Opportunity and Accelerating Development", Wu Lebin analyzed the economic situation, problems and risks, advantages and opportunities faced by the enterprises of CAS enterprises, and pointed out that it was necessary to strengthen the party's leadership and resolutely implement major policies of the Party and the State, improve the legal-person corporate governance system, integrate resources, create innovative ecological system, always possess a sense of urgency and pressure to achieve fleet integration, system operations and seize the opportunity to do better and bigger. Suo Jishuan summed up the Cash work of 2016 the deployed the 2017 annual work. He pointed out that in 2016, most of the work of Cash and its enterprises have achieved remarkable results. In 2017, we will continue to implement the "Action Plan" in depth and follow the "Innovative Integration Initiative" and plan of "building system, seizing opportunity to accelerate development " so as to do solid work to make development of enterprises onto a new level.

Wu Lebin pointed out, that this meeting had enlightened ideas, emancipated thoughts and enhanced a consensus, and that enterprises need to comply with the instructions of this meeting and to deploy effective implementation, turning which into practical work and returns for shareholders, improve reform and development of 2017, enhance confidence and work hard, to achieve the double-digit growth goal, so as to create a new situation of Interactive Innovation.

During the meeting, the 2016 "Interactive Innovation " awarding ceremony was held, so was the investigation and study of scientific transfer achievements of Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS and its investing enterprise CASSTAR.