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(1)Company Logo

 “CASH” , the initial letters of company name “Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co.,Ltd.” is the basic visual element of company logo. “GUOKEKONGGU” is the short name for company name in Chinese and CAS HOLDINGS is the short name for company name in English.

   1.The English word "CASH" expresses the capital-based operational characteristics of the company.

   2.The dynamic characteristics of tilting to the right shows the strong vitality of the company.

   3.The dark green color, as the basic color, symbolizes steadiness, confidence and solidness.

  4.The orange structural waistline expresses the future development and promising prospect through endless innovation.

(2)Operation Ideals

"Scientific management, enterprises service, trustworthy-oriented, entrepreneurship"

(3)Company Inspiration

Pursuit of Excellence through Dedication and Innovation

(4)Management  tenet

The management tenet of CASH is that, in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, to establish a standard structure between ownership and legal person management structure, to achieve operational norms of state-owned assets management and effective operation through social reform of the enterprise equity, to achieve resource optimization configuration and utilization under the principle of efficiency and effectiveness priority, to achieve a fair, just and openness under the principle of right, responsibility and justice, to construct sound cooperation between share holding companies on the basis of mutual trust, to build up harmonious corporate culture through dedication and innovation and to maximize the value of state-owned assets.

(5)Mission and Manifesto

  The mission and manifesto of CASH is to support the investor’s development through operational norms of state-owned assets management and effective operation and to promote scientific achievements social transformation and scale industrialization

 (6)Development Prospective

The development prospective of CASH is to become a famous and distinctive state-owned assets management company through assets socialization and marketing, and to shape a CAS high-tech industry group.

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