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As we are facing an era teeming with rapid changes, every enterprise, every department and everybody striving to explore the road of innovation, CAS HOLDINGS is no exception.

As enterprise independent innovation capability is the ultimate expression of the country's competitiveness, high-tech industrialization being the fundamental objectives and purpose of scientific and technological innovation, high-tech industry development promotion being the concrete embodiment of “Developing the Country Through Science and Education” Strategy, CAS HOLDINGS is also entrusted with such mission.

As the accordance with market economy institutions and mechanisms is the necessary conditions for enterprise development; modern enterprise system and the norms of corporate governance structure being the guarantee of enterprise healthy development, CAS Holdings will earnestly carry out investor’s rights and obligations as are clearly defined.

As assets value increment must be realized in motion, boosting economy being the ultimate goal of assets management, exploring new approaches being the critical part of the country’s economy system reforms, CAS HOLDINGS will also have this one of the major tasks.

As the pursuit of excellence through dedication and innovation is the essence of good corporate culture, which is inseparable from corporate development; the construction of an innovative team being the guarantee of success, so is with CAS HOLDINGS.

As honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit and win-win are the basic principles of successful cooperation for contemporary corporate, maximum efficiency only achieved through the rational resources integration and utilization. CAS HOLDINGS will exert efforts in practice.

Confidence can not depend on help or waiting, but action!                                     




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